~ Membership Application ~

OpenMPE is offering a "zero cost" membership.  This is being done to identify the initial "rank-and-file" of the community that desires to continue using the "MPE environment" beyond the end of 2006.&nbs p; It will be used to determine how later "fee based" memberships should be set up and their potential costs.  Membership at the "zero cost" level does NOT require you to continue as a member when we switch to a "fee based" structure.  However, it does give you voting privileges in OpenMPE issues take to the membership.< /p>

Some of the activities OpenMPE is currently working on include:< /p>

NEW Items As of March 2010:
  • Making available the former CSL Interex Libary Online
  • Making available the former Invent3k machine on OpenMPE's domain name .
    Thanks to donations, we have the hardware in place for both ef forts.
    1. Finalizing the pricing and distribution process for new MPE licenses to be created for a PA-RISC emulator.
    2. Identify resources and personnel needed to create a "Virtual MPE lab" outside of HP.
    3. Original "Gang of Six" items (Largely delivered upon at HP World):
      bullet Remove or publish passwords for MPE-unique system utilities no later than end of 2006.
      bullet Enable MPE license transfers / upgrades and hardware re-configuration (add / upgrade processors, etc.) to continue after 2006; for emulator usage, changing user license levels, acquiring used e3000 systems, etc.
      bullet Allow non-HP access to and escrow of MPE source code.
      bullet Allow 3rd-party creation of an MPE emulator.
      bullet Enable 3rd-party HP e3000 software support after 2006.
      bullet Enable availability of all public documentation after 2006.

  • Updated: January 15, 2018