~ Free / Share Ware ~

PLEASE NOTE! The authors of these programs/scripts have donated them for the good of the OpenMPE community. They have no liability regarding their work, in any manner, and have no further responsibility to continually upgrade their work. You may copy and use any of these programs/scripts, but do so at your own risk!.

Backup/Restore Backup and Restore programs and scripts.
Image/SQL Image/SQL related programs and scripts.
MPEX MPEX programs and scripts.
Open Source Open Source software ported to MPE/iX.
Spoolfiles Spoolfile management programs and script.
Misc. Everything else not yet categorized.
QCTerm QCTerm HP Terminal Emulator setup file
Links Links for other MPE related Freeware/Shareware.
Updated: February 19, 2015