OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

28 Oct 2010

Present: Birket Foster, Matt Perdue, Tracy Johnson, Alan Tibbets, Jack Connor
Absent: Keith Wadsworth, Tony Tibbenham

Jennie Hou was present as a guest for a BoD executive question and answer session.
Minutes approved for 14 Oct 2010, as amended.
Secretary Report
  • SSH was done but needs patch, need to get with authors.
  • Still Looking for Jazz material.
  • Seven new OpenMPE members since August.
  • The Support Group to receive new INVENT3K1 machine tomorrow.
  • Waiting for full POSIX directory on Jazz server.
  • Can we get list of former Jazz contributors for permissions.
  • Need to promulgate last week's contract analysis in Word doc.
  • Received nineteen 90M DDS1 tapes and thirty 15M DDS1 tapes.
  • 2010-10-28-04
    Treasurer Report
  • Paypal confirmed, limit on withdrawals until confirmed with credit card.
  • Stop payment on Orbit check.
  • Issue new Orbit check.
  • Hostway invoice for $2.50 for SSH.
  • Hostway invoice for $47 of the quarter. Should get off Hostway and onto one of the INVENT3K machines.
  • 2010-10-28-05
    Discussion to formalize line of succession of Source Code possession. Tabled until next meeting.
    Next Meeting
    Next meeting set for 12 Nov 2010. (This deconflicts with Birket representing OpenMPE on the Virtual CAMUS meeting on November 11.)
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    Minutes ratified 12 Nov 2010