OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

23 Sep 2010

Present: Birket Foster, Matt Perdue, Tracy Johnson, Alan Tibbetts, Tony Tibbenham, Jack Connor
Absent: Keith Wadsworth

Agenda approved.
Treasurer Report
  • $1000 and $5000 received in contributions.
  • Paypal initialized. Waiting for confirmation by small amount.
  • Treasurer to assign DNS name for INVENT3K2 machine
  • 2010-09-23-03
    Secretary Report
  • MOU's drafted for Measurement Specialties, The Support Group, and
  • Letters To contributors waiting for contact points
  • INVENT3K2 machine has 11 users set after first week
  • Some CSL and Proceedings sent by Paul Edwards on DVD.
  • Looking for Jazz material
  • 2010-09-23-04
  • Minutes approved for 26 Aug 2010, as amended.
  • Minutes approved for 02 Sep 2010, as amended.
  • 2010-09-23-05
    Bridge Loans
    Payment authorized to repay bridge loans to M.B. Foster and Orbit, Inc.
    INVENT3K Corporate Access
  • Note to be placed on website to contact Secretary for corporate access rates.
  • Refer to minutes of 22 Apr 2010 for other corporate fees.
  • 2010-09-23-07
    Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)
  • MOU approved for signature with Measurement Specialties, Inc.
  • MOU with The Support Group, (TSG) pending changes
  • MOU with, pending changes
  • 2010-09-23-08
    Shipment Cost INVENT3K
    Shipping cost not to exceed $900 to The Support Group after MOU is signed with TSG.
    Next Meeting
    Next meeting set for 07 Oct 2010.
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    Minutes ratified 14 Oct 2010