OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

06 Mar 2008

Present: Birket Foster, John Wolff, Donna Hofmeister, Matt Perdue, Tracy Johnson, Chuck Ciesinski, Walter Murray
Absent: Anne Howard, Alan Tibbetts
Guest: Paul Edwards

New Board Members
B. Foster welcomed W. Murray to the Board. Alan work schedule prevented him from attending.
Emulator Meeting
A meeting is scheduled for later today for the interested parties and HP to discuss issues surrounding the emulator.
New Treasurer
A new treasurer needs to be selected. P. Edwards reported on his process of information gathering for turnover. He expects to have everything collected following the GHRUG meeting. Board members not currently holding an officer position are eligible. M. Perdue submitted his name for consideration. RESOLVED that M. Perdue be the new OpenMPE treasurer. M. Perdue abstaining.
The GHRUG meeting is coming. C. Ciesinski to check with B. Foster to make sure the slide set is up-to-date. W. Murray will be attending as well.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on 27 Mar 2008. Jeff Bandle will be joining the meeting.
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 27 Mar 2008