OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

13 Oct 2005

Present: Birket Foster, John Wolff, Paul Edwards, Chuck Ciesinski, Matt Perdue, Donna Garverick, John Burke, Steve Suraci
Absent: Alan Tibbetts
Guest: Martin Gorfinkel

The Board entered into *executive session* to discuss the phrasing in the current version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
P. Edwards reported that when he attempted to renew his DSPP membership, he was questioned why since his interest was in MPE. P. Edwards discussed the situation with Paul Groves from HP. The whole DSPP group is former Compaq people with no/little knowledge of MPE. P. Edwards argued that MPE content shouldn't be removed until at least next year because the OS is still supported.
Interex Membership
The Board is concerned about privacy of the members and whether or not the sale of the list agrees with the bylaws of interex.
Martin Gorfinkel
The Board went into *executive session* when M. Gorfinkel joined the meeting.
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 02 Feb 2006