OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

13 Mar 2003

Present: Ted Ashton, Jon Backus, Donna Garverick, Ron Horner, Ken Sletten, Jeff Vance
Absent: Birket Foster, Mark Klein, Christian Lheureux

Voting Amendment
According to the Bylaws, election of the directors of OpenMPE must be carried out by voice vote at the annual meeting. However, we do not expect a majority of the members of OpenMPE to be present at either the east- or west-coast meetings planned to occur at the Solution Symposiums. Furthermore, those meetings will be open to non-members. Finally, OpenMPE has no resources to do the mailings required for proxy votings. In view of these matters and the fact that OpenMPE is inherintly connected with technology, it was RESOLVED that the voting method be changed to allow voting by any reasonable means either prior to or at the annual meeting at the discretion of the Board. The exact wording change to be made to the Bylaws will be refined between this meeting and the next with the intention that it be ratified then.
Ballot Creation
Nominations are currently open for the 4 board positions up for election. Other questions may need to go on the ballot. What those may be will be discussed via email and decided at the next meeting.
RESOLVED that the minutes of 06 Feb 2003, 10 Feb 2003, and 20 Feb 2003 be ratified.
(for: Ashton, Backus, Sletten, Vance; abstaining: Garverick, Horner)
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 20 Mar 2003