OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

20 Feb 2003

Present: Ted Ashton, Jon Backus, Mark Klein, Jeff Vance
Absent: Birket Foster, Christian Lheureux, Ken Sletten

As the minutes of 06 Feb 2003 and 10 Feb 2003 were not yet ready, ratification was postponed until next meeting.
MPE Licensing
HP has shared the proposed licensing plan with the potential emulator vendors and is considering some changes which were considered. It was urged that HP not wait to see if those changes can be made prior to presenting the proposal to the community. The proposal is a work in progess, but the board feels that it would be more harmful to the community to delay longer than to share the proposal even if it may be incomplete.
Emulator Discussion
A date has been set for a conference call between Allegro (as the only potential emulator vendor who was ready for such a meeting) and the software vendors of the MPE community to discuss issues regarding protection of intellectual property rights (e.g. what values would be stored in HPSUSAN and HPCPUNAME). The meeting will be held 04 Mar 2003 1:00pm EST.
Open Board Positions
Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4 of the Bylaws, and contingent upon their acceptance of the positions, it was RESOLVED that Ron Horner and Donna Garverick assume the duties of Board Members to fill the remaining terms of the two vacated seats.
Virtual Lab
Jon will be putting together a document to go to Mike Paivinen describing the work flow of the proposed virtual lab. The document is to be accompanied by a list of those people who are interested in working for the lab and who are comfortable with HP knowing that. It will be used in his work attempting to convince HP to allow the OpenMPE virtual lab to have read/write access to the source.
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 13 Mar 2003