OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

16 Jul 2002

Present: Ted Ashton, Jon Backus, Mark Klein, Christian Lheureux, Ken Sletten, Jeff Vance
Absent: Birket Foster, John Marrah, Chris Miller

RESOLVED that the minutes of 02 Jul 2002 be ratified
(for: Backus, Klein, Lheureux, Vance; abstaining: Ashton, Sletten)
MPE Forum
Jon has emailed Debbie Lawson regarding the rumored seat, but has not, as yet, received a reply.
HP Response
Jon emailed Mike Paivinen, Ross McDonald and Dave Wilde with the results of the "Short Survey", but there has not yet been time for them to respond.
This topic was returned to the table and will likely not be taken up again until HP has made a positive commitment to at least some of the 6 items mentioned on the "Short Survey".
HPWorld Booth
Discussion of the OpenMPE booth at HP World revealed a concensus that the booth should be kept as simple as possible. It was recommended that some research be done regarding what we are allowed to do (vs. having union workers do) in terms of setup.
Jon has discussed moving OpenMPE-L from yahoogroups to Raven with Richard Gambrell and Jeff Kell. As they are willing for such a change, it will likely be accomplished soon. It was recommended that he ask also about moving OpenMPE-BoD to Raven.
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 30 Jul 2002