OpenMPE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

11 Jun 2002

Present: Ted Ashton, Birket Foster, Chris Miller, Ken Sletten, Jeff Vance
Absent: Jon Backus, Mark Klein, Christian Lheureux, John Marrah

RESOLVED that the minutes of 14 May 2002 be ratified
(for: Ashton, Miller, Sletten, Vance; abstaining: Foster)
RESOLVED that the minutes of 28 May 2002 be ratified
(for: Ashton, Miller, Sletten, Vance; abstaining: Foster)
HP Statement
HP appears to be willing to issue a statement in support of OpenMPE and announcing a joint survey. There was some discussion of wording prior to the meeting. After further discussion, it was duly moved, seconded and RESOLVED to recommend to HP the following wording:

Hewlett-Packard would like to acknowledge its working relationship with OpenMPE, Inc. We are working closely with the OpenMPE Board of Directors to better understand the needs and concerns of the community they represent. HP is pleased to have such a partner as we try to determine the appropriate steps to address e3000 customer needs in both the 2003-2006 and beyond 2006 timeframes.

OpenMPE has been working with HP, Interex, and others to create a survey to better understand the nature and needs of this community. Included in the survey are reasons for requiring the e3000 beyond the 2006 date, configuration to be supported, concerns and expectations for supporting the e3000 and its related peripherals and environment. HP joins OpenMPE in asking that customers who expect to be running MPE beyond 2006 take the time to complete the survey. The information compiled will help both OpenMPE and HP determine how to move forward.

Time is of the Essence
Jon and Jeff have not yet had time to create the "Homesteader Survey" (2002-05-28-02). As the data from that survey is urgently needed, Ken agreed to work with Jeff on creating the questions. The data is expected to support the claim that as HP delays announcing progress on certain items, it is hurting the homesteading community and driving those people away from HP. The items in question are:
  1. Remove or publish passwords for MPE-unique system utilities no later than end of 2006.
  2. Enable MPE license transfers / upgrades and hardware re-configuration (add / upgrade processors, etc.) to continue after 2006; for emulator usage, changing user license levels, acquiring used e3000 systems, etc.
  3. Allow 3rd-party creation of an MPE emulator.
  4. Allow non-HP access to and escrow of MPE source code.
  5. Enable availability of all public documentation after 2006.
  6. Enable 3rd-party HP e3000 software support after 2006.
License Transfers
Jeff checked with the person who does license transfers at CSY. License transfers are currently done for all of the 900 series, including 9x7's, as well as A-class and N-class 3000s. That is expected to continue at least through the end of 2006.
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Unless otherwise noted, all resolutions were carried by the unanimous vote of all members present.
Minutes ratified 02 Jul 2002